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Dirty Diamonds Doing The Lung Cancer 800 Step!! 

The Dirty Diamondswas established in 2016 it all began at the Private Jewels Gym in Lynn, Ma. Dirty Diamonds is more than just a team it is more like family. 
Dirty Diamonds since day one have worked hard to help each other out, pushing those that have felt like giving up in their toughest moment. Besides working out the Dirty Diamonds have been involved in a few obstacle courses our very "First" obstacle course was in August 2016 Mudderrella. Mudderrela consists of 12-15 obstacles that tie together running, climbing, strength and endurance. After that obstacle course we became addicted in doing more and more obstacle courses, such as the Spartan Race, raising money tor the Lung association for those in need while climbing 789 stairs as a team. Dirty Diamonds just recently helped out kids with Cancer by raising money to help those in need and battling with cancer. Dirty Diamonds enjoy doing fundraisers to help out the kids in boxing who attend Private Jewels gym, helping these wonderful kids with their dreams and keeping them off the streets.

2016 Private Jewels Fitness

The Dirty Diamonds!!

The Dirty Diamond @ Connecticut Supporting a Great Cancer Cause!!