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Jodie Adams

Jodie Adams  been training in boxing for nearly a decade. I focus on footwork, outside fighting, counterpunching, and defense. I've been with Private Jewels Fitness for 6 years. I'm USA Boxing certified Coach and train fighters from all ages to compete and also teach boxing on a non competitive level. I also instruct TRX suspension classes, and Im a NSCA-CPT.

Pamela Bruno

Pamela has been studying Kenpo Karate for well over 30 years she is a Black Belt 5th Degree. She is also a 12 year national female Champion winner, she specializes in Fighting Tactics, Self Defense and a Technique Specialist, also in Kenpo Strength and Conditioning.

Alex Sepulveda

I have been active in Health and Fitness Field for well over 20 years, Since I was 10 years of age, I have been active in sports such as Baseball, Kenpo Karate, Basketball, and Weight Training. I Played baseball from 1992 – 2003, from 1999-2003 I played for UMASS Boston division 1 where I graduated with a full scholarship. Meanwhile in 1990 I started learning Martial Arts. I became a Black belt in 1996, then in 1997 and 1998 I became a black belt National Champ IKC Champ. From 1997 to 2004 and 2015, I was a regional Champ. I became a First Degree Black Belt in 2013, in 2015 I became a 2nd Degree Black Belt as well as Full Register Instructor and Owner or a Full register Kenpo Charter school. This is a full register charter through the IKKA

(International Kenpo Karate Academies).

I’m also a Brown Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate where I won a 1994 – 1995 Kata Champion ship in Boston Ma.
I also was a active Boxer, I fought under USA Boxing Program for the Lynn Boys Club and Club America I was a Golden Glove Champ from 2000 & 2001. I’m also a register USA Boxing Coach and a Boxing Official where I train USA Boxing Boxers and Pro Boxers. I been training Pro Boxers and Amature boxer since 2008. In 2017 I was The Head Coach of the New England USA Boxing National Team.
In 2015 I got Certified as a Sport Performance Coach under USA WEIGHTLIFTING another USA Olympic Program. 
In 2004 I had a couple death on the Family and my coach past away too, in which I fell into Stress,& depression, I felt Stuck No way Out!.
 My health and my life-style fell to a destructive path, I found comfort in food and alcohol. I gained over 100 pounds in total throughout my destructive path where I had high blood Pressure as well as high cholesterol. I was slowly killing myself It was not until one of my mentors pulled me aside to tell me these words that stuck with me. “Without risk, there are no rewards, Without passion, there are no results.”  
 It was then I realized I could turn my life back around again into a stress free healthy life style. My next challenge was weighing 280lbs. and having to lose the 100lbs. that I had allowed myself to gain. My first step was to change my nutrition and start working out again. I was so determined to lose the weight that I accomplished it in less than a Year. If it was not for my education and knowledge that I have obtained over the years I would not be where I am today. I love having these qualities, you gain more knowledge and with more knowledge you gain more wisdom. So when I took my personal trainer test from the National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) and passed. A month later I went for my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certificate (CSCS) and passed it too, I knew I would not stop there, So I became a TRX Instructor Level 1 and 2, also I’m a Certified Special Population Specialist (CSPS), and a Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator (TSAC-F). Since I have been helping people reach their goals. This has become a blessing because I’m helping people become stronger, leaner, Faster, and gain more Confidence. I Have shown People a way to a better lifestyle so they can stay younger, and healthier for the rest of their lives. Health and fitness saved my life. This is why I have become a well-rounded Personal trainer and a specialist to show clients my Passion. Ponce De Leon and other explorers began looking for the fountain of youth and many People have failed, but since the beginning of time the real fountain of youth been right in front of our face all along.
The true fountain of youth is choosing the right lifestyle, eating clean, and exercising habits. That is the key to for looking and feeling younger.
So let’s embrace this healthy life style together. It saved my life, it will do the same to you!
Remember your body is a Temple so treat it like a temple!                  


  • NSCA-CPT ( Certified Personal Trainers )
  • CSCS ( Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist )
  • CSPS ( Certified Special Population Specialist )
  • TSAC-F ( Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator )
  • International Kenpo Karate Academies
  • Register 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor
  • TRX Instructor Level 1& 2
  • USA Boxing Register USA Boxing Coach Level 1
  • USA Boxing Official
  • USA WEIGHTLIGHTING Coach ( Sport Performance Coach )
  • USA Safe Sport

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Many of our clients are working with a personal trainer for the first time. We understand their concerns and will treat them with both care and compassion.
We are honest in all of our interactions with our clients and each other, without exception.
Our clients can depend on our friendly staff to be on time and there for them when they need us.
We honor those who put their trust in us.
Our organization is able to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and uphold value in our services.

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Here at Private Jewels Fitness, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals and your life. That’s why we have created such a wide array of customize workout options for you. From a TRX class at dawn to Boxing lessons after the sun goes down, we give you all the choices you could possibly need or want in a gym and a Personal Trainer.   

We also believe in offering all of our members full access to everything at our gym Locations. To top it off, We also do in house Training as well, we will come to you ready to work out with our own equipment. Now all you need to do is decide when it’s best for you to come and have a free Personal Training Session so you could experiance the BEST WORK OUT OF YOUR LIFE!